The Village Mountain Mission Project

Take the Trip

Short Term

What trip is best for you?  Here is some information on the different trips that we offer. 

*It is not a requirement to speak Spanish to go on this trip!

  • Construction crews normally build half of a house while on the trip.  The first half of the house is mostly concrete and block work, while the second half is mostly framing and wood work.
  • Group Size is normally 12 to 20 people.
  • Construction crews come down in the Summer
  • Usually have around 8 crews/year.
  • Our construction trip is physically intensive but we welcome anybody who wants to help.  
  • Currently, all group members and leaders must have the COVID vaccination to travel with us.
  • The content of the trip is dependent on the crew that goes down.  We will work with the specialty of group members to provide relevant care for the locals.
  • normal group size
  • Medical crews can go at any time during the year.
  • number of trips per year
  • Members are recommended to have some kind of medical background.  Nurses, dentists, EMTs, doctors, physical therapists, and students of these specialties are all welcome.
  • At least one member of every crew must have an MD to comply with the standards that we follow.

If you would like to put a group together download our reservation form or if you would like to join an existing group please contact us and we can help you Take The Trip!

Long Term


  • Director

Full-Time Volunteer

  • CARE Teacher
  • Construction Manager
  • On-Site Medical Staff

Summer Staff

  • Construction Summer Staff
  • Medical Summer Staff

Are you interested in a long term position on the Village Mountain Mission Staff?  These are the current positions we have on our staff and basic information about each.  

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact us for a full list of responsibilities for these amazing opportunities!